Dear darlingest Goddess You,

I’m immersed in the middle of the five day long Australian Unschooling Conference. Feeling blissful and alight and wow-ed out. Have met some amazingly beautiful souls. Just feeling so grateful to be alive. Tonight, before we drove back to our cottage for the night to go cuddle up with Mr Dawson, Ostara and I found a tribe of ducks hanging out in the field. And we just watched them for the longest time in the golden sunset light. Ostara chirping away “bird! bird! bird!” and chuckling wildly (for those who know Ms Ostara, she really does have the best chuckle in the world.)

Life is good.

It feels like a good day to share good things.

I found this in my drafts folder.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve shared a lot of the goodies before. But I really don’t mind. They are delicious and worth revisiting.

Old Women Who Paint on Their Walls is dreamy and enchanting and wild.

 A beautiful soul said to me today at the Conference about how she’d just read half my book the night before, and how she loved how truthful it was.

I have a barometer in my soul that tells me when things come from truth. And I could just feel all the way through you were speaking the truth.

And I was thinking about how much I loved that. How much I love the truth. How good it feels to hear when stuff is really real.

I want to hear the truth, ya know? I want to speak it.

 I really love reading the Hand in Hand Parenting blog.

this post is honest, wise and beautiful. we need to talk more about how to argue as parents.

Do you know Laura Eliason, creatrix goddess? Not yet? SO happy to introduce you to her loveliness!

She’s a fashion designer & artist who documents her process on ze web. I totally love watching the evolution of her dresses and stuff, like this one.

Cribs V Beds: Parenting Wars cracks me up.

Skin to delicious skin :: these photos make my mama heart soar.

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