Dear darlingest Goddess You,

Again I have foraged in ze forests of ze internets to find you juicy berries of succulence!

Just call me Little Red Riding Hood… but less eaten by wolves, and you know, more running with them, or something 😉

Here’s all the glorious goddess goodies I found you from my basket…

Adore this dad’s crafting with kids blog: Made by Joel

How to write a book (a wee rant) from Patti Digh. Totally helpful, wonderful and useful.

Tools from the Plant Kingdom – a beautiful post by my Goddess sister Pixie.

These collections of photos are stunning: goddess, birth, bellies

try and watch this without falling in love…

this birth story is beautiful

silly but anthem-ish! wooooo! yes! i believe in miracles!

Very, very helpful guide to knowing if you are pregnant:

Found via This Blog Rules

Things Are Going To Be Different on Offbeat Mama :: adore this

How to: be an Artist-Goddess-Mama

This video on Nie Nie is just beautiful :: about faith, life & motherhood…

How to build a meal sized salad

This image is incredibly stunning

Incredibly touching… “like father like daughter“:

One of the best pieces of advice that my dad has given me is this: “You can’t parent perfectly; your only measure of success is your children’s ability to parent even better than you and your willingness to support them in that process.”

Lauren at VisionWise makes the most incredible, healing, intuitive necklaces

I am so touched – an artwork inspired by my meditations!

Found anything scrumptious/inspiring/divine/yummy lately?

Show me show me show me!

you make birds sing,