Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s that happy day of the week… Goddess Allsorts day!
This is the day I share with you all kinds of scrummy inspiration I find around the place & want to share. Allsorts that don’t make much sense together, but are perfect anyway.

Video: The Graceful No

My beautiful man called me over to his computer earlier this week. “Sit. Watch.” he tells me, his arm reaching over and around my shoulders. I lean into him, and we sit. Listen.

This woman shares about the power of No, and saying it with love, grace, compassion and certainty. Without giving yourself away, and without causing harm. Just No. With love.

What touches my gigglesnort bone.

This site: Dear Old Love. Tiny little love letters to old loves that make me giggle, and occassionally snort.

Temporary favourite for the moment:

My love for you is like pi—irrational, never-ending…

Idea: The Cult of Done Manifesto (or, Perfectionism Thwarted!)

I’m a recovering Perfectionist, and dream sometimes about starting Perfectionists Anonymous. So when I fell upon Bre Pettis’ Done Manifesto, I was all a-*squeeeeeee* with possibilities. This is good. So very good.

And then a little bit of Bly.

My love once found a video of Robert Bly, the poet, running men’s workshops, and speaking of the importance of men returning home to their wild selves. I fell in love with him then. Here’s some of his beautiful words to fall in love with now.

Don’t go outside your house to see flowers. My friend, don’t bother with that excursion. Inside your body there are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals. That will do for a place to sit. Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty inside the body and out of it, before gardens and after gardens.
– Robert Bly


Until next time gorgeous souls… be well and be loved.

You so fine,

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