Last week I had the absolute delight of creating a Custom Soul Story canvas for the amazing Anita Revel from It was the first time I’d created a Custom Soul Story on canvas for a gorgeous spirit and I *loved* how it turned out. So big & gorgeous, just perfect for sitting atop an altar or sacred space…

When I first received Anita’s photo & finished questionaire, I meditated on the essence of her that I wanted to document & celebrate. The first thing that I felt was this gorgeous shining colour of rose pink light – the colour of warmth, nurturing and pure, unconditional love. Just like the colour of Anita’s wedding dress! So her Custom Soul Story evolved to be a heart-soaked celebration of life, light and love… all those good things that fill us up & make our world a beautiful one.

Goddess Anita, you are a vibrant & beautiful soul… and it was an absolute honour to create this for you.

Shine on sweet goddess sister!
Leonie 🙂