Hola my darlinghearts,

We’ve got a treasure trove today. Of delicious, inspiring & helpful things.

For mamas (& papas) & creatives & souls…

Watch, enjoy, soak up… it’s all here dearest.

Fashion blogs don’t always make me go OOOOH! but Doe Deere’s does.

Miss Penelope is magic. Calling Love. So deeply, very true.

She’s Next is a lovely lovely website!!!

Holy guacamole, Fuzzimo is the BESTEST website for images, fonts & textures… Mmmmm digi artsy heaven!!!

I’m so touched from all the emails and tweets and facebook sharering of the new (free) Goddess in 10 Minutes Kit. Thank you so much darlinghearts. I’m so so glad it’s out in the world doing what it needs to do.

My uber smart friend Ankesh writes stuff that make my business brain go WOAH.

These Father’s Day photos by the Sartorialist made me glow in my heart.

Breastfeeding in the Land of Ghenghis Khan. Holy amazing read!

This Summer Fun To Do List is a realllllly gorgewa idea!!!

My experience applying Zen Buddhism to labor and breastfeeding via Offbeat Mama.

I flipping LOVE hearing stories like this about how the Business Goddess e-course is kicking their katooshies into extreme action… dreams are getting made, peoples!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Just like they are supposed to!!!

A-freakin-men. I Am Enough Project.

Make It Beautiful video :::: I just LOVE getting my brain jazzed by something totally different. It goes Ping! Weeooo! (Exactly like that!!!)

How to set up a home photography studio via Eat Live Run :: awesome for bloggers & business owners of all kinds… how to take gorgeous product images!

August Empress’ 30 Days of Creativity is so lovely & inspiring!!!

This made my heart bloom SO MUCH. I’m so glad to be doing this work. I’m SO glad I get to help women be the goddesses they are. I’m just SO glad. x 10000.

Guest Posting Goddess

At the Angel Directory!

3 Simple Changes to Increase Your Subscribers by 50% :: on ProBlogger. Woooo!

At Louise Gale’s Stories From The Universe.

Video Goddess

LUCK – NYC Marriage Proposal from Aria Melody DJ on Vimeo.

“Symmetry” directed by Everynone from Epoch Films on Vimeo.

Oracle time: This weekend is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!

I so believe you can make all your dreams come true!

Heart, love, love and LOVE!!!

P.S. Next week = new podcast coming!!!!