Good gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s not a Monday, and yet it’s check-in day. What gives, Leonie-who-is-trying-to-make-weekly-habits? That dang beautiful life again.

Monday was a public holiday which found me, my beautiful love & a dear friend going for a bushwalk in the snow masquerading as rain to our favourite rock. It’s not just any rock either – it’s ancient and huge and moss-covered, and was a meeting place & celebration grounds for the Aboriginal tribes of this area.

Holy life deliciousness.

So it’s not a Monday, but it’s still so important for me to do my Goddess Journey Check-in. When we do Goddess

Journey check-ins here, we get to connect and share where our week has taken us, what blessings we’ve been gifted, what challenges we have faced, what lessons we have learned… and what we need right now.

Let’s cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

Where for art thou, routine?

We have my dear friend Sone living with us at the moment and it’s the best fun evaaaa. I’m also totally readjusting my routine, which is a really good thing. It was also very comfortable. I’m on the computer waaaaay less and am having to get waaaay better with using my time. {See also blessings below for more on the beauty side of this.}

Stuckity neckity neck

I’m a bit stuckity stuck in my neck, a combination of crazy Wii tornaments {See blessings below again!} and a more metaphysical element: my resistance to seeing other people’s perspectives and changing my viewpoint. (Inside me I hear a shriek But myyy viewpoint is right! Must keep moving forward like this! I’m hearing you, shriek. I’m really hearing you.)

I wonder what I’ll need to shift to feel a whole lot better about being more fluid with my thoughts, and what I can do to give the shriek what it needs.

I know it will come in time. For now it is noticing, noticing.

Disappointing people I love.

I told my beautiful parents this week that we may not be moving back home in the near future. And that really was not fun. They are a little sad. I’m a little sad.

Things are just working out so perfectly and synchroniciously for us here, that we know here is the right place for us for right now. Teachers are appearing and a softly hewn community is being knit around us. Life is easy and filled with possibility.

I want to have trust and faith in our intuition and decision. I want to trust that when we need to be up there, we’ll be there. And while we are here, we are where we need to be.

Ahhh, trust and faith. The boat that can hold you up in the deepest of waters, and yet we can be hesitant to rest our full weight in them.

Dear The Trust and Faith Boat,

I’m putting myself in you, to be carried by you and held by you. I know you know the way.



A lot of my challenges this week are also blessings in a roundabout kind of way.


As I’ve shared before, my darling dear friend Sone-bear is staying with us while her hubby and doggy prepare to move down here.

And it’s ridunkulous amounts of fun that keeps on doubling with goodness.

There’s been Wii tournaments that leave us panting on the floor. Crazy fun creative side projects (that we’ll share when ready! Wooo!) A lot of tea. A lot of talking. A lot of tarot and oracle cards. A lot of good food.

Add to that her beautiful hubs visiting, staying and getting his hippy-cherry popped with an out of this world reading & healing by moi, and it’s been completely and wonderously awesome.

I still can’t quite believe my luck that she’s here. And that we’re sharing these times together.

{We twittered this as it was occuring: our two Scorpio men making us dinner. We, understandably, are very happy about this. Dinner cooking men = so hot.}


Me & God Chris keep talking about this.

Over the last month, it’s like the world opened up and gave us a community. Friends moved here and met our other friends. And we all adored each other. And a community was born, that feels very natural and spacious and loving and kind and happy. And it’s beyooootiful.

When fun creative side projects break your website.

This totally happened this week, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Me, Chris & Sone were hanging out one night, drinking tea, eating halva and making stuff. And I did up a little poster with some words by the zen-dude I am fan-girl obsessy about.

And then people started tweeting about it. And zen-dude saw it and blogged about it. And a lot of people all came to happy goddessguidebook land to get some rainbow-zen posteriness of their own, and my website brokened. Luckily my hosting company loves goddesses and doubled my bandwidth for me.

And I’m still gigglesnorting over it.

I’m so glad people loved it so much & got to come hang out here.

And was very, very amused that my silly fangirl letter offering my first born or a cupcake in thanks for an ebook was read by the person it was addressed to. I’d sooo be embarrassed if only I was born with an embarrassment gene. But I’m wasn’t so I’m not. Just giggly and silly about the whole thing.

Passing the Talking Stick

So that’s been my wild, wonderful, precious week on the Goddess journey. As always, feel free to take the talking stick & share about yours in the Comments Circle.

Okay hottie hotcakes, it’s time to go out there and rock this day!

You=totally loved,