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I’ve been having an emotional time lately.

I spilt to a dear friend last night, let the tears unravel and flow down my cheeks.

she said:

live in the mystery leonie. just trust it. grieve if you need to, but maybe right now you don’t need to know all the answers.

as fate, luck, universe, divine timing would happen… i am off on a three day residential management course tomorrow… three days where i will not be in my usual pattern of living. i will be far from my lover, my house, my doggy, my computer, my friends, my emails. my usual “things.” it will be my third night away in 4 and a half years that i haven’t slept next to him. there will only be Leonie there, whoever she is and wants to be.

not sure who i’ll be there…
maybe leonie the quiet
leonie the brave
leonie the doodler
leonie the interested
leonie the introvert
leonie the EXTROvert.

freed of all identity, habits, lifestyle. like a boat that has lost its mooring for a few days.
i think it might be just what i need for right now.
i wonder what i will find there.

* i am open to adventure *

~ i am open to my divine journey ~

# i am open to discovering what lies beneath this. #

{even though sometimes i want to dive back under the covers}

lovingness, and humanness,
beauty, delicacy, stumbling, grace,

(miss you too.)