Gypsy Heart Goddess
(prints on Goddess of Leonie etsy store)

In her heart, she longs to explore all the joys and possibilities of this splendid Earth ~

she dreams of garlanding herself in a sari in India
of the breeze floating by as she explores the back roads of Tuscany by bicycle
she longs to travel by canoe in Indonesia
to sing romantic songs in Morocco
she yearns to arrive, panting, at the peak of Macchu Piccu
and to dance a desert dance in Africa.

She longs to experience and explore this world,
to devour it whole,
to savour its beauty in her soul,
to be a part of this wondrous rainbow of life.

Her whole life, through and through,
she will be a discoverer of this world,
a lover, a documenter, a celebrator of its beauty and aliveness.

She is Goddess with a Gypsy Heart.

May she always remind of you the rapture of exploration ~ the delight of discovery ~ the Heart that loves this whole wide world.

With love,
with joy,
with five months until I experience INDIA ~ oh land of my aching dreams!