wedded bliss

one year and one week ago, i married myself.

i said these words:

With all the love in my heart I will stay united with you.
I will cherish you, respect you, listen to you,
Be faithful and true to you
I will honour your spirituality, your sensuality and your sexuality.
I will honour the choices you make and stand by you,
throughout the good times and the difficult times.
I will be your trustworthy and loyal friend.
Together we will walk this path on our journey home to where it all began.
Together we will reate the experiences we need for our soul’s evolution.

I am shiva, and I am shakti.
I am in love with the way you spill over the edges and radiate.
I promise to honour your intention and intuition.
Leonie, you are here for a very special reason.
You shine with love and light. You are surrounded by love and light. There is nothing to fear.
I promise to dream with you. I promise to hold your hand as we claim those dreams as our own.
You are all I have ever wanted, ever created, ever dreamed possible.
You are exquisitely beautiful, infinitely powerful and entirely lovable.
You are the incarnation of a Goddess, the dreaming of the Great Spirit, here on a journey to love.
I promise to love you first.
I promise to hear the call of your heart when it cries and when it sings.
We have two hands, two arms, two feet, two legs. They are Yin and Yang, here to help us on our journey – to hold ourself gently, reach out, walk gentle miles on adventure.
You are capable of all you dream of. This is your destiny.
I claim it with you.

Powerfully and joyously,
I honour the light and the life within you,
I bless your sweet and tender heart,
I bless your passion and your vulnerability.
I love and adore you,
beautiful and magnificent,

One year and one week on,
I am still deeply in love, still entranced by the unravelling of this soul named Leonie.
I believe in her, I cherish her, and I accept her unconditionally.
I am deeply blessed to wear a moonstone ring that sings of the great spirit, and the great choice of loving the universe by loving myself.
I thank the goddess for this knowing, and this Goddess for being the energy, the container, the channel for love.

One year and one week my beloved, since we chose *us*. A lifetime and an eternity to come falling deeper in love with this whole world, and the world inside of us.

With love, promise and rainbows,