Today is Alyssa’s first birthday.

How I miss and love her *so*

It is hard to be away from the family right now

I would like to hold her again

and give her birthday kisses

and make her know how much she is loved, how beautiful she is, how endearingly sweet she is…

I met her for the first time a month ago

A new little person in the family

She was asleep in the car seat

Dishevelled and awoken

She let me hug her and hold her and love her

I got to bathe her and she would cry when I put her in the water

so I would pick her back out and hold her and she would stop crying and hug me back

little little arms

Then I would put her back in the tub, wash as quickly as possible

She would cry again and I would pull her out for another hug

By the end I was thoroughly drenched from the

Hugs that Interrupted Bathtime

They were the loveliest things I’ve experienced in quite some time

So my dearest little Alyssa Heather

You are in my heart and thoughts today more than ever

Little people are the angels on this earth.

You are loved more than you know.

Happy birthday sweet little possum

Love your aunty from far away

Alyssa and her Grandad the Jungle Gym