Yo yo panda bears!

Final three days before Amazing Biz and Life Academy prices DOUBLE.

So I’m feeling a bit like this:


But you know, with more horizontal in bed not really moving except my fingers. PEW PEW.

You’ve got questions about ze Academy. I’ve got answers.

Let’s GO GO GO!

How long does my membership last? Is it just until the end of the calendar year?

Your Academy membership is a recurring annual subscription. You can cancel it at any time, and still access the Academy for the year you’ve already paid for. So if you sign up on 1 January 2013 and cancel the recurring subscription, your membership lasts until 1 January 2014. If you sign up on 14 July 2013 and cancel the recurring subscription, your membership lasts until 14 July 2014. (etc!) If you sign up and don’t cancel the recurring subscription, then your membership simply continues without interruptions!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes indeedy. Just click here to find it. You’ll get instant access to the Academy even when you sign up with a payment plan. WOOP WOOP!

Does my membership go up next time your raise prices?

Nerp. Nope. Not at all.

You get to keep the low price for the life of your membership!

What about if I choose payment plan? Will my membership go up then?


When will I get access to all my goodies?

Within 24 hours of purchasing… usually sooner Yippee!

WHY is this so cheap? Why aren’t you charging thousands for it?

Hey love. I know. You might be feeling a bit “WOAH HORSEY. WHY IS THIS OFFER SO GOOD? IT’S PROBABLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.”

And I really just wanted to assure you: no funny business, scammy upsell or shitty content here. I pour my life’s work into the Academy. I believe in it and stand behind it as being world-class. And it IS such a good deal because I honestly, deeply and dearly want you to have access to EVERYTHING you need in order to bloom your own remarkable life and business. It makes me SO MUCH HAPPIER to see lots of people using this life-changing work than to raise the prices sky-high and limit it only to a select few who can afford it. I deeply believe the world will change and lives will heal when women become conscious creators of their own lives, dreams and businesses. The Academy is the best way I can help that happen in the world.

I don’t have a business. Will this still be useful to me?

Absoloodely. There is a HUGE library of self-development and life-development tools, programs and resources that will help your life be hugely more creative, happy, productive, peaceful and zen!

How do I know if it works?

Read the Success Stories. Then decide for yourself!

How long will I have access to the course materials?

The course materials will be available for the duration of your membership. So plenty of time to savour and implement them! Every month small groups at the Academy work through e-courses together, providing extra accountability + brainstorming goodness for you.

More questions? One I haven’t answered yet?

Email My lovely support fairies will be able to help!



P.S. One thing I should mention that’s v important – I cannot allow in anyone at the cheaper price once the deadline is ended. We got dozens and dozens of emails last time asking if it was possible. Sorry loves, it’s not. I have to stand by my word – my word is golden. You’ve got three days to sign up at the lower price and then it’s gone forevs. Let’s go make miracles happen together now! xoxo