i am woman, hear me roar

dear angels, god, goddess, buddha, fairies,
i hope you can hear me
i am just learning to talk with you and share with you and ask for help to clear my intentions and spirit.
today i wish to be me.
today i wish to make the highest choices, that will help, heal and bring joy to me and the rest of the world.
i wish to do my sacred work in witnessing women in their magnificence.
i ask for assistance and higher guidance to flow with spirit.
i have a story inside me that is growing and being nourished in my belly. please be my midwife, my helper, my doula, as i continue to help it grow. it will be ready one day to birth into the world. please help me stay in line with the flow of spirit in growing it.
please help me find and live in the BIGgest love, and realise all my dreams. i deeply wish for and want them. please help me feel loved and cared for no matter what. i wish to walk my path. my highest path.
today i choose to breathe in courage and peace,
and exhale all fear.


“may your life be like a wildflower,
growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day”
~ native american proverb