Whenever I talk about the Creating Your Goddess Haven course, I get bucketloads of emails asking, “What’s the real deal about this course… I mean, What does decluttering actually do? Isn’t it just about having a clean home, or is there something more to it?”

And I’m happy to answer this, because oh, do I have lots of examples of how clearing your space makes room for so much more than just cleanness (though that’s a gorgeous part of it, too).

It makes room for miracles.

Oh yes.

Here’s the thing.

Decluttering and space clearing isn’t just about throwing stuff out and wafting an incense stick around. Nup – it’s powerful. It’s like a physical prayer – a magical way to shift your life by changing your home. It’s alchemy. It’s divine. It’s transformation.

So here are three little miracle stories about magical space clearing and divine decluttering from my life 🙂

Room changing = life changing.

This one isn’t technically my miracle, but I totally get to benefit from it. And I adore this story so much it gives me happy-jiggles.

One day a while back, my amazing love decided it was time to let go of his music collection. Music has been his life and identity in so many ways – his CDs are like his own personal journal of where he has been and what he has experienced. Over the years we’ve been together, his music taste has changed. He’s mellowed from heavy metal. Yet still, we’ve been carrying around his boxes of music everywhere we’ve moved. They’ve been part of what made our spare room a storage room. They were a part of our home’s landscape.

So it was momentous for him to decide it was time – an initiation of letting go of his past, and stepping forward into his future. And it wasn’t easy – he felt nauseus, woozy and a bit shocked as he sold them and we sat in the car afterwards. It’s not always easy to let go of the things you once loved. In fact, it’s incredibly brave. It’s powerful and emotional and transformative all at once.

Later that day, I noticed he was working away like a little bushy-tailed squirrel in our spare room. When he was ready – he showed me. He’d turned our storage room into a meditation room, complete with pillows, music, angel flags, candles, a singing bowl and a statue of Buddha. That afternoon, we curled up in there together and meditated until I fell asleep on Chris’ shoulder.

And it was utterly perfect.

From letting go of something old, this miracle of a meditation room was born. Letting go had given my love the space to create something new to support him right now.

Feng Shui abundanceyness

Back when we still lived in our Proserpine house, I set up a little abundance prayer in the feng-shui abundance corner of our home. I used some green crystals, a laughing chubby buddha, and to finish it off, I put a Monopoly bill there for the amount I wanted to have in savings.

It was an amount I’d never had in savings before. It almost seemed ludicrously big at the time, but it also felt comfortable and right.

So I would look at this prayer everyday, and wondered what it would be like to have that amount in savings.

Two months later, it was there.

And it completely stunned me – it had actually happened! My little abundance prayer had worked! I was so excited when I saw my bank balance that I did a happy prosperity jig. HPJs are a must. 🙂

After that, I set my sights higher. I doubled the Monopoly money in my corner, and what do you know… I made that real too!

Like DOOD. Exciting!

Why don’t people say more that feng shui woo-woo can make you dobleros?

Do some clearing to get clarity.

Then there was the time I couldn’t make a business decision about buying a new microphone. I had one, but it annoyed me, and I kept harassing my sweetie to fix it for me.

He kept telling me: Hon, you’re not listening right now. You need to get a new one.

But I couldn’t. I was so stuck in my mind about the whole idea of it, and was totally unable to make a decision about it.

One afternoon, I decided I was really, really over being so confused and indecisive about it. I thought:

I really need to shift something to get some clarity. What can I do right now to bring it?

And in front of me was our coffee table. It was overloaded with STUFF – my projects, notes, books, paints, things to do, tea mugs. No wonder I couldn’t see into my future to make a decision – I couldn’t even see my own coffee table!

And a little voice inside me said:

This. Just work on this for right now. This is your job.

And I got all uppity and grumbly and “as if this will make a difference to my problem!”

But I did it. I cleared. I sorted. I shuffled. I let go of.

And as I put the last pen away, and my coffee table gleamed with space and trueness, I suddenly got really clear. All the months I couldn’t see what I needed to do – it was just so obvious now. And easy too – even happy!

That afternoon I went and bought a new microphone. One that made my heart sing. One that felt like it honours the work I was doing. One that I so needed to support me – and just needed the space to see it.

Bonus miracle: Chris went with me to get the microphone, and told me on the way there he wanted to buy a tin whistle at the same time. We go to the counter, and the lovely microphone man gives us the tin whistle! I like to think of it as a little thank you from the universe to Chris for dealing with my microphone-indecision-haze-and-grumps for so long 🙂

Making Good Space = Miracles

So those are just a few of the ways from my own journey that space clearing = miracles.

It’s not just about throwing stuff out. It’s about consciously letting go of the old to make way for something even more beautiful in your life. It’s about shifting the energy of your home to make your life sing. It’s about making your space a living prayer for all you dream of.

It’s good.
In fact, it’s a miracle.

Big, Space-loving Love,