Hi treasures,

So… after a long break I’ve been feeling the energy rising in me to start sharing publicly again more regularly.

I thought I’d start off just by doing lo-fi videos to answer the most popular questions I get.

No set. Definitely no hair or makeup. No script.

Just sharing from the heart.

So… BEHOLD! The inaugural edition!

How I homeschool + run businesses at the same time!

Not the full transcript, but some notes on it:

  • It isn’t easy, it’s a juggling act
  • It works for us better to have ON time and OFF time with homeschooling
  • Enlist support
    • tutor
    • babysitter
    • family
    • homeschool co-op
    • trading days with another homeschooling family
  • Putting tasks in the right times
    • Answering emails/social media while with kids if that’s easier for you
    • Finding quiet time (i.e. at night or OFF hour) to create for you
  • Self care is key
  • Find a curriculum that fits for you. We are eclectic homeschoolers that use a whole bunch of resources. I do hands-on-stuff like science and art projects, and then I like programs like Mathseeds and Readings Eggs, and apps like Quick Math Jnr and Teach Your Monster to Read that don’t need my involvement
  • Find a flow that works for you. It will be unique to you.
  • If it’s not working, try something new!

Hope this resonates + is helpful.

Lots of love to you as you make miracles happen,