The One Thing That Changed My Business

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One of the things that really inspired me (+ still does) when I’m down in the salt mines of my business, trying to work out the next step, is listening to the stories of other business women who’ve been where I am + have had an insight that’s helped them along.

With that in mind, I’ve asked a number of gorgeous, inspired, soulful business women to share their sacred AHA! moment – of the thing that changed their business.

Today’s insight is for anyone who finds themselves in the trap of perfectionism.

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How I Learned that Not Being Perfect is Not a Sign of Failure

For years and years I’ve held precious ideas for projects in my mind and images of what I wanted to create, if only I had enough time, if only I had more money, if only I had the skills to pull it off… and a myriad of different reasons why I currently couldn’t do it.

I was looking at other people that were doing things I wanted to do and getting opportunities that seemed to pass me by. I wondered why, and it made me very frustrated and depressed. I felt like an utter failure, trapped in a job that wasn’t making me happy, trapped in a life that I wasn’t truly enjoying.

When I first heard of Leonie and saw her work, I was amazed of just how many things she has published and how much following and opportunities she gained. I realized it did not just happen accidentally, and through reading more and more about how she works, and peeking behind the curtain of her business via her blog and her e-courses, I realized – she does not let her fears stop her. She just creates.

I wondered, what would happen if I just started creating? 
If I stopped worrying that my art skills aren’t good enough yet, that my knowledge is not on high enough level to be shared on my blog and ebooks..?
 If I stopped stressing so much about the quality of the end result and just be content with where I am right now?

Leonie’s advice was “Start where you are”.

What if I could just start, right here where I am, and see what emerges?

I’ve filled out the Creating Your Incredible Year workbook with my plans and step by step, I began following through on those plans. Sometimes it was gentle, little by little every day, and sometimes it was a wild donkey ride that demanded courage.

“Courage” was my word of the year 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 1.42.37 PMThe results were visible and measurable.

  • After years of thinking about coming back to blogging, I finally did it! Now I’m writing a couple of posts a month, sharing my insights with other people, and I’ve had wonderful feedback.
  • I finally started working on the paintings for my first solo art show, which I was putting off for years!
  • I made a habit of drawing every single day, to keep my creative muscles in shape
  • I got opportunities to work on projects I always wanted to do, like illustrate a children’s book and create T-shirt designs.
  • I invested in education that helped me figure out how to do this business thing
  • And I also invested in learning a healing modality that helped me go through the difficult times
  • I started a Business Mastermind Group with my entrepreneurial friends, because I realized how much brainstorming with other people helps, and that you don’t have to do it all on your own
  • I started using the sacred “No” more often because I have to say “Yes” to myself and make room for my own dreams, and last but not least…
  • I got out of my day day job to pursue my dreams full time!

I know now that my art doesn’t have to be perfect, that my blog doesn’t have to be perfect, and my business and life don’t have to be perfect. Even if things aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed.

It will never be perfect.

This thought is both scary and freeing at the same time.

If I know that things will never be perfect, I can finally let go of that fear that I’m not good enough, and do things the way I’m capable of doing them right now.

Not wait for the perfect moment.

Not wait for an opportunity to fall into my lap.

Just showing up and doing my best is good enough.

nela-300Nela Dunato is a self-taught mixed media artist and a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Croatia. Her work may be seen at Nela Dunato Art & Design.

When she’s not drawing or designing, she loves to create handmade jewelry and masks, blog, write ebooks and tutorials, teach creative workshops for kids & adults, and organize conventions and festivals.


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