Fuck, I dieeeeeeeee laughing… this is the very best gift I’ve ever given myself.

When I was a tween, I was all HEART EYES EMOTTTTICONNN for Superman… aka Dean Cain. I bought those celebrity poster magazines and plastered his face all over my walls. Do they still do those magazines? It seems like a life time ago.

Anyways, I have thoroughly fucking delighted myself… I hired Dean Cain to say nice things to me and affirm all my 2020 visions for me.

I can’t stop laughing. Or crying.

Holy shit this is the greatest.

My tween self is squeeeeeeeeing.

Happy 2020 to meeeeeeeeeeee.

Also, I hired him through Cameo.com. You can hire all kinds of celebrities on there to say shit to you. I even hired the guitarist from KISS to play songs to my husband for Christmas. Bloody brilliant. I won major wife points for that.

Nope, not a sponsored post. Sharing this because it’s goddamn HILARIOUS. One of my bestest ideas yet!!!!