Hey loves,

This week in the Leonie: Life, Soul, Art + Biz podcast // TV show, I interviewed Grant Andrew, my Chief Operations Officer/terrible twin.

I wanted to ask him from his perspective how my company is different from other companies.

What was supposed to be a 15 minute chat ended up devolving/evolving into (as it does), deep musings on:

  • building businesses + managing staff
  • how my business is different from others Grant has worked for
  • what (OMG) things I do the same as any Fortune 500 company
  • relationships + creating lasting love (combined, we’ve been with our rad spouses for 40 years!)
  • how we argue well with each other
  • turning rage + sadness into art instead of social media complaining
  • developing spiritually while in business.

Watch or listen now:

You can either watch as a video below + subscribe to my channel in Youtube.

Or listen/download as an audio file, or subscribe through iTunes!



Big love,
leonie grant

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