Hola gorgeous Goddess!

So I was sitting in my favourite cafe.

I had a reaaaaallllly long blog post pouring out of me.

It was flowing, it was growing, it was blooming.

And then,

the Wall.

There was only 20% to go, but I was out of steam.

The wild donkey ride had suddenly gotten too hard, and I wanted OFF.

I ordered another cupcake.

I stared out the window.

Well, I thought to myself,

That was a good run.

I can please myself & go home now.

Finish it AnotherDay.

So I finished up my cupcake, packed up my laptop & to do list book & began toddling my way home.

Oh, that AnotherDay.

The day of the week I think all projects will be finished.

It’s as real a day of the week as Saturday.

I just don’t know *when* it actually happens, ya know?

I only know that apparently there’s a lot of things I should be doing that day… if only it ever happened.

And I was feeling run down & out of energy.

And I walked past a picnic bench by the sidewalk, and I thought:

Enough. No more AnotherDays.

I’m going to Finish Today.

And I did.

I pushed past the wall.

And I finished.

And where I was once out of energy, I was filled with buzzing energy.

So much so, that as I skipped my way home,

I had this lightning bolt of brilliance

and had to stop by my blogging tree

and make you this video.

love love love!!! finishing juju!!!!