Hola gorgeous goddesses,

A few months ago, I was having a Sucky Day.

To be fair, it was only 8:30 am, so it was just a Sucky Start To The Morning.

Instead of stomping around grumbling (like I usually do), the quiet, calm goddess inside me said:

Go check your email.

And I did. And there was a link to a podcast I’d never listened to before. And I wasn’t even sure why – I just listened to it.

They were interviewing Gay Hendricks – who I’d only vaguely heard of before then.

And Gay was lovely and kind and said gentle, sage things. He mentioned his book “5 Wishes.”

And it kinda sounded liked Spirituality 101, if you know what I mean?

(Sometimes, I can be a bit of a spirituality snob, if I’m being a bit honest.)

But anyways, there was something about Gay that was lovely, and it stuck with me through the day.

Even as I spent the rest of the day grumbling and walking around, knocking my soul’s knees into the edges of hard boxes.

I went out for an artist’s date and grumbled most of my way through it, sitting in a corner booth, fidgeting and aching. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.

I tried giving myself an oracle card reading, but they didn’t work for me.

I decided they must be broken (as you do) and decided I needed to go to my lovely highschool friend Akiah’s store to look for a replacement set.

I knelt on the floor of her store, looking for an answer, my future, my sanity (as you do) neatly wrapped in an oracle card box set. Even as I looked, I knew it wasn’t there.

I stood upright, and there, right above the oracle cards, right in line with my face, was a book:

5 Wishes. By Gay Hendricks.

I laughed loudly.

I’d never seen it in her store before, which is a miracle in itself, considering I am there gasbagging & keeping Ostara from eating crystals most days of the week.

So it came home with me, stashed in my canvas bag with a giggle and a secret.

And I read it quickly. Easily. It’s a gentle book.

Gay meets a man at a party. And the stranger asks him:

I nearly died not long ago. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

When you die, will you look at your life as being a complete success or not?

And if not, how do you wish was different?

Gay realised he had 5 wishes. Wishes that he turned from hopes into everyday affirmations and goals.

It was a lovely book. Easy. I’ve read deeper books ya know. And yet still, there was something in this book that I kept thinking about.

And then I realised:

Uh, Leonie, instead of just READING the ding dang book and crossing it off your to-do list, why don’t you actually DO and LIVE the book?

So one afternoon last week, I sat in a park, writing my five deathbed wishes, and turning them into everyday affirmations and goals.

“I wish I’d loved living in my body more”
“I wish I’d glimpsed what a miracle it is”
“I wish I’d taken the easy, joyful way”
“I wish I had been more present & happy with my family”

… and on and on.

I didn’t have five wishes. I had ten.

Then, as Gay advises, I turned them into everyday affirmations and goals.

“I wish I’d loved living in my body more”


“Everyday, I utterly love and adore my body so that it shines.”

I’ve always wanted a better relationship with my body, of course. But it was a far-off kinda goal. Not one that I thought I could listen to everyday.

And like a ding dang lightbulb, I started waking up and asking myself what my body wanted to feel radiant. I’d never thought to ask it before.

And “I wish I’d glimpsed what a miracle it is” became:

“Everyday, I see the miracle.”

Because the truth of it, the last 2 years of my life have been way bigger and harder than I would have wished for myself. And I was waiting for all the life stressors to change so my life would be easy again.

But in that moment I saw:

Screw that!

I don’t want to wait for outside things to be good again so that I can be happy.

I want my miracles NOW, danggit!

So I’ve decided to become a miracle sentinel.

Thus far, it’s working like a ding dang miracle. (ha! funny that!)

One afternoon, I took Ostara to the pool spontaneously. And while we were there, this little blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel girl who looked just like Ostara crawled over to her, so they could sit and poke and coo at each other, as the little people do. I was giggling – they were just the same size, and were adorned in the same bright colours of turquoise and fuscia. Then her mama and I looked at each other… and said: Oh hey! Aren’t you my second cousin??

Turns out – those two little blonde girls who were mesmerised by each other & wearing the same colours?

They share the same great-great grandparents.

I kind you not.

It was like they recognised the kin in each other.


And so many more. Miracles happening every day. All I need do is just watch and listen for them.

I’m on a new diet.

It’s called feasting my soul on a Miracle A Day.

Decadence and nutrients and LOVE!

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