Gorgeous ones!


I’m in love with it.

You’re in love with it.

I’ve got caravans and rooms and trees festooned with it.

I ran out of bunting, once upon a time.

And seeing as my creative skills do not extend to the Realm Of The Sewing Machine, I decided to forge forth and make our own.


The No-Sew No-Buy Bunting!

Also: enjoy the horrifico iphotography.

My whole philosophy?

If I don’t do it this way, it won’t get done.

It goes totally against the grain of Perfectionism. I feel like crap when I’m held up by that disease.

Instead, it’s just unleashing the magic now… wild, unfolding, messy and glorious.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Here’s the supplies you need:

The no-sew part:



String or ribbon!

and here’s the no-buy part:

Instead of buying cute fabric for this (like I was going to do)…

I instead hauled out the bag of old & outgrown clothes that were waiting to be taken to the op shop… and made bunting out of Ostara’s old shirts + onesies!




First cut triangles out of the fabric.

It’s totally okay to leave buttons and pockets and zips in the fabric.

It just gives the bunting extra texture!

Where we create:

Who I create with:

And here’s the finished bunting, adorning the Creative Caravan!

I dig the fact they hold such happy memories and cuddles too!

Get craftin, mama!

love love LOVVVVE!!!!

Art tools for your toolbox:

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Creating With Kids

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