You ring the front bell, and hear soft tinkling in the distance.
You are greeted at the door by me.

I am wearing cloths of azure blue.
My hair lies curling, nestled around my face.
You are dressed in your finest goddess/god outfit. You are comfortable in your skin.

We hug gently. We breathe deeply into the hug, enwrapped in the embrace of dear friendship. We hug for as long as we wish. We part, and magic crackles in the space between.

I take you by the hand, lead you through the curtains. There, through the curtains, a circle awaits. A circle of beautiful faces. Some are familiar. Some you haven’t met yet.

In the middle of the circle there is an altar. On there, are feathers. Shells. Figurines of goddesses. Candles. Sweet smelling herbs. You are welcome to place whatever items you like on the altar. The ones that are precious to you.
I move forward. I place a rose quartz crystal statue of an angel on the altar.

There are rugs, pillows on the floor. You take a seat.
You are comfortable and safe and jubilant as something inkles within you. You sense you have been here before. You begin to wonder if possibly, maybe, yes maybe, there is a divine goddess within you. A goddess, a god who made a pledge to come back, to experience human life and human emotion, yet to find their way to this sacred circle (again).

You are welcome to take a place in our sacred circle. To wear those threads that make you feel impossibly, divinely you. To bring those sacred items with you. We all hold our hands. Declare the space to be sacred. Ask for seen and unseen ones to be present. To awaken us from our waking dream.

Here you may share.
Here you may breathe.

Here you can rest in the presence of conscious others.
The talking stick is passed around. A strong stick embellished with feathers and jewels and bells. When you hold this talking stick, you are allowed to share unconditionally. It is passed around the circle. You each have a turn.

You are in awe as you listen to others speak. How they share their journeys. You hear yourself speak, and you are amazed at this honest, courageous woman who stirs and bellydances within you.

This is sacred space.

After we have finished, we feast on chocolate covered strawberries. Succulent dips. Warm muffins. Grapes.

When you leave, you are changed. Because you never really leave the sacred circle. You have glimpsed the divine, in you, in others.
This is sacred space.

You are welcome to share about your divine threads. Your object for the altar. What you would like to share with the talking stick.
How you have experienced your days. Its gifts, its lessons. Your deepest fears, your deepest blossoming dreams. The divine that glimmers in you.
This is sacred space. You are safe, supported, held as you share.

With deepest love, Leonie

“i hear you mother earth”
photo collage of me
by ellanita arlee, leader of the jaguar temple