the goddess path
is within you…
that is where she lives,
even when you forget
to look for her.
look for her there
and you will always find her.

~ Patricia Monaghan
The Goddess Path

magical earth from the magical skies
in all its cloudy, mountaneous majesty.
life can be a little like that sometimes.

but you know what?
i reckon, in maybe a year from now, or 40, or 80,
you’ll look back and go:
yep, that was EXACTLY what i needed right then.
it was PERFECT for me.
even when it felt shitty and achy,
even when it is so mundane and dullsville and everyday depressing…
even when it felt so wrong and confusing,

it was RIGHT.
because it took you were you needed to be.
the ripples penetrate places you cannot conceive of yet.

and right now…
i am having a sing~a~long of tenacious d songs… with hunky man on guitar, goddess leonie on lead vocals… and it doesn’t take 40 years just to discover how right it is, in a very wrong tenacious d kinda way. 🙂