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taylah. photo by deb.

“A grownup is a child with layers on.”
~ Woody Harrelson

my dear friend deb shared with me some photos she had taken
of her young friend taylah at play in the park.
i loved so much how she shared. deb is truly gifted at creating and capturing joy.

it made me think of child’s play.
it’s been a recurring theme in my life lately.
how touched i am by remembering the things a child delights in.

for me, my inner child delights in the earth and art. as simple as that.
in having dirt and paint under my nails.

a friend of mine shared a couple of days ago about his own inner child adventure.
he found a fantastic jam and decided to have his own toasting competition.
he toasted four bits of bread all at varying temperatures, then ate them all and judged each one.
the burnt one tasted best.

i loved reading the interview of my friend ben.
he is uber funny and delightfully irreverant and so in touch with his inner kid it makes me grin WIDE.

other inner child joys
:: giggling with jen
:: signing lile’s copy of my very own book!
:: listening to joshua kadison magic music
:: reading about helena‘s picnic with cupcakes

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swinging taylah. photo by deb.

“I loved how she closed her eyes when she was on the swing…
she just emersed herself in the feeling of flying…
she makes my heart sing.”
~ Deb.