When I stand at the grocery store, looking at the magazines on sale, I shake my head.

I can’t believe people fill their minds and time with this shit.

It’s just so much unreal, unwise nonsense out there.

Stuff that will damage your brain cells and your heart cells. Stuff that will give you untrue ideas about what you are supposed to look like, what your life is supposed to look like, what love is supposed to look like. Stuff that doesn’t light up your cells with spirit.

Having said that, there ARE great magazines out there.

Magazines that will leave you a better person, more inspired, and happier after reading it.

So choose wisely.

Make sure you nourish your brain, heart and spirit with good things that make you stronger, wiser, kinder. Because that’s what you were born to be, yeah?

With that in mind, here’s the magazines I recommend:

Inspiring Magazines I read and recommend:


Renegade Collective 

This one is by FAR my favourite. It’s the best magazines I’ve ever read.

I subscribe to it.

Highly, highly recommend for chicks (& dudes) who are passionate + positive.

ESPESH if you have a biz!


The Weekend Australian magazine

You get this one as an insert in the Weekend Australian newspaper every weekend.

I’ve read it religiously every week since I was 16. I get anxious if I don’t get it on the weekend. I always feel secretly pissed when I read the Letters to the Editor about articles that I’ve missed. It’s an important ritual to me, one that informs my world. I learn something important from each and every magazine.

My favourite columnists used to be Ruth Ostrow & Phillip Adams. I even wrote to Phillip about ten years ago to thank him for his articles, and he sent me the most wonderful, kind letter back. He’s now been pipped at the post to favouritest by Nikki Gemmell (author of Bride Stripped Bare). I squealed with joy when I’d read she’d moved back to Australia and joined the Weekend Australian magazine team. Her writing is fresh, honest, kind. Despite reading every one of her columns each week, I still bought her book anthology of columns (Honestly: Notes on Life). It even made my Top 20 Books of 2013 booklist.

In other words: I love, love, LOVE this magazine.

I reckon I’ll be reading it for decades to come.

Dumbo Feather Issue 36 cover

Dumbo Feather

A fantastic, thick, beautiful book-like magazine.

Filled with fantastic interviews.

When I finish reading it, it goes on the bookcase, it’s that good.

Reading Dumbo Feather makes me a better person.

So I do it.


The New Yorker magazine

I prefer reading magazines in print form (and books in Kindle format). But with the New Yorker I make an exception, and read it on my iPod while I’m breastfeeding the babe to sleep.

I read one article last night about teenage mothers and their children in Louisiana. It broke my heart, and I’m still thinking about it 24 hours later. I like things that are beautifully written and thoughtful.

Life & Spirit Mags:

Grass Roots 211


I’m a big ole farmer hippy at heart. Talk to me about compost baby.

Oooh, and preserving vegetables.

Ooh yeah, like that.

Look at your plump lemons.


Anyway, these are chockfull of good, useful things.



This one is for the goddess hippy woo-woos.

Definitely the best spiritual magazine I’ve found that’s not all “10 Easy Ways To Open Your Chakras”.

More biz-centric Mags:



My favourite part of this magazine is the accompanying CD. I listen to it in the car driving back from school drop-off.

Lots of aha! business moments from this baby.

Well worth it.

Plus, international subscriptions are surprisingly cheap!



Always interesting. Business. Tech. Culture.


Fast Company

This one is a really good toilet read, truth be told!

Short articles. About a bathroom break long.

Even if I just get one lightbulb moment, it’s a good one.

That kinda sounded gross, but there you go.


I’ve heard good things about Taproot too. Haven’t got myself a copy yet. Might just need to.


Any other magazines you can recommend, sisters?

Share in the comments if you like. We can pool our wisdom.

I’m always looking for magical magazines to add to my inspiration basket!

Love always,

The Always Learning


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