A new kind of motivational poster.
Making this made me laugh SO HARD.


Hey panda bears,

This week, I’ve come across something REAAAAALLLY interesting.

And old patten that I used to have, that I don’t any longer.

When I was younger, I was more compliant. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be nice. I wanted to be friends with lots of people. I wanted to be accepting of people even when they had really shitty behaviour towards me.


That Time I Used To Think B.S. Was O.K.

When I was 20, we moved to a new city, and I caught the bus to work every day. I was determined to have fun as I did it… because that’s how I roll.

And within a couple of months, I’d managed to amass a fairly large crew of “Bus Friends.”

Some of them were completely adorable, and some I’m still friends with now, almost a decade on.

And there were just a few who weren’t always nice. We’d have a great time laughing and joking… but often it was at my expensive. They’d crack old dad jokes about me, and tease me about anything and everything. One guy in particular – if he wasn’t in a great mood that day – he’d even be downright rude + sullen.

And I kept trying to make happy with them. Trying to have a great friendship. Trying trying trying.

Even when they weren’t great.

After a while, they became toxic, and I realised I needed to get out.

I changed the way I did things. I stopped sitting in our usual seats, started being selective about the way I hung out with them, started talking to new people at the back of the bus – like this brilliant comic artist and the old kind man who surprisingly, owned a red sports car.

I’m so grateful I learned the lesson.

Now, I have a no B.S. clause in my life.

I’ve always regarded myself as pretty lucky – in 8 years of blogging, I haven’t really had any issues at all with trolling or shitty comments. Out of the thousands of loving, beautiful emails I’ve received, I’ve only had a couple that made me pull my WTF? face.


Here’s how I installed my No B.S. clause:

  • I have a clear, strong intention about how I live my life + what I am happy to receive. I do not engage in negative, critical behaviour. I always create my own reality. There are miracles inside me waiting to be birthed, and I can’t be distracted.
  • I have a one strike, you’re out system. In most cases, people show you who they are at a moment’s notice. I’m a loving, spiritual, compassionate person, but that doesn’t mean I’m a doormat. If I receive a rare yucky email or Facebook comment, they are blocked. No if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s. I am not here for people to throw shoes at when they’ve got their buttons pressed. That’s their responsibility to tend to. I don’t send negative shit out into the world, and I won’t accept it back.
  • As my business has grown, I’m no longer at the coalface of my inbox. It can feel like an onslaught of energy at times. My assistant looks after all emails, and collates all positive feedback into a document for me to read each week. It’s such a joy to read that document, I tell you!


Exceptions to the No B.S. clause:

I have a very small group of people that I will really dive deep and sort things through with – like my lil family + dearest friends. These are the people who are in my life permanently, and have shown they are willing to work on the relationship to make it thriving and positive.


Why you need a B.S. clause in your life:

You have a big, beautiful life to lead.

You have very special gifts inside you that need to be released into the world.

And most of all, you need to give yourself the space, sanctity, inspiration and love so you feel safe + nurtured enough to do just that.

The lotus needs the right conditions to bloom.

It doesn’t need to be mired with other people’s B.S. It doesn’t need to be confused as to why it should bloom or if it is safe enough to.

You deserve to be surrounded by people that support you, and inspire you and help you become your most beautiful, thriving self.

And B.S. just ain’t a conduit to that.

Don’t give it out. Don’t receive it back.

Your glorious, joyful, positive life is waiting for you.



love always,