Hola my darling hearts,

Oh dearests. What a big, beautiful day.

Just over 24 hours since I launched my latest book and I’m so overwhelmed & touched & just plain… gobsmacked.

I was NOT expecting this:

My little turquoise book hit #4 on the Occult Religion & Spirituality category after The Secret.

(BTW: I have *no* idea why it’s under that category. But whatevs! It’s near The Secret! Heyo!)



I was pretty much walking around all day, saying OMG OMG OMG. *Literally*. And that’s not an abbreviation for “Oh my gosh” either. I like to invoke my teenageeist self and just mutter OHHHHEMMMGEEEEEEEEEEEE over and over.

Chris finds it very endearing, I like to think.

And thank you so much for all your orders for the Proserpine Goddess Gift Pack signed book editions as well. I think the beautiful Trish has decided to order some more stacks of goddess postcards now we’ve eaten through her supplies. YAHOO. MORE GODDESS!

What’s next?

I’ll be sharing soon some of the behinds the scenes of how I wrote the book & published it.

In the meantime, I wanna celebrate my booty off.

I have this dream. This big, glorious, sacred dream.

I want my crap in Big W.

I know… I’m so eloquent, aren’t I?

But really… it’s true.

I want to write books. SO many books.

I want them to go out into the world and help SO many women.

And I want them to be in Big W. I want them to be published by Hay House.

So that every woman who is looking… who is lost… who is dawdling down the aisles of Big W trying to find something you know? Something that would help make the world make sense. Something to remind her she was beautiful. Something to remind her she was loved. Something to remind her that life can be excruciatingly, exquisitely beautiful.

I want her to find me. I want to want her to have access to these teachings.

I want her to know she’s a ding dang GODDESS.

So this is me.

I don’t have my book deal from Hay House (yet).

I don’t have my books in Big W (yet).

But I keep turning up. Keep writing. Keep pouring everything that’s inside me out into the world.

Keep dreaming big. Keep loving deep. Keep reminding.

And hope and pray and love and know that my Big W dream will come true.

All my love,