I have something beautiful and tender to share with you today.

When I was thinking of creating a podcast, I knew that I didn’t really want to do an interview podcast. I didn’t want to interview people who were just like me to talk about things I usually talk about. I didn’t want to have conversations with people who I didn’t deeply love.

Mostly I just wanted to have mammoth cups of tea with you, and share from my deepest heart the things I felt called to share.

And sometimes, when having those tea dates with you, I wanted to introduce you to some of my very favourite people. Not to interview them per se… but to share their story, their light and their wisdom with you. And get to spend some beautiful time with them as I recorded it.

I already knew who I wanted to have these conversations with from the get go. An author, a social worker, and a gay Mormon who married a woman.

Today, I have the deep honour of introducing you to my friend Josh Weed.

Of those three, he is indeed the gay Mormon who married a woman. He is a viral blogger and has appeared on The Ricki Lake Show, Nightline and ABC News.
He’s not just that though – how can you possibly contain the magnificence of a soul? Josh is a family and marriage therapist. He’s a soul willing to do the deep work of healing himself. He shares his innermost agonies, fears and spiritual awakenings with a raw and real and rare honesty. I believe his story of coming to accept and own his sexuality has the power to change the world.
Trigger warnings: Please note this podcast discusses suicidal ideations, mental health and homophobia.

This podcast is LONG AF.

And it deserves to be. Imagine you’ve been invited to brunch with two dear friends, and it becomes one of those conversations where you get to know another human’s heart… deeply. And you get to fall in love with them, just as they are.

This is that podcast. And I am so very honoured to share it with you, and introduce you to my friend Josh.

(As per ALWAYS, this podcast episode is sweary as fuck! Enjoy!)

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I’m so grateful to Josh (and Lolly) for their story. They are love in action, and I am so glad they are in this world.

Sending you so much love, always,