Airlie Beach.

I am going to start an appreciation journal.

I recently received the below email from the Daily Guru.

“Janice, whose desire is an ideal relationship, keeps a daily appreciation journal. It allows her to reflect on the relationships that she loves in her life. Here are a few samples of Janice’s appreciation


– I am grateful that I went hiking with new friends this week.

– I loved sharing over lunch today with close friends.

– I appreciate my close friends giving me their attention.

– I love having lots of friends.

While Janice is thinking and writing her daily appreciation statements, she is offering a vibration of appreciation. In that same moment, the Law of Attraction is unfolding to bring her more of what she is vibrating.

Appreciation and gratitude are the highest forms of vibration.

You can take time to admire anything. It’s the feeling that’s attached to your appreciating that is important.”


The past month or so I have learnt so much about gratefulness.

From the Daily Guru, Notes from the Universe, Deb, Paris, Em.

How when you think of things you are grateful for,

More of these things will come into your life.

When you focus your energy on recognising all the good things in your life,

You begin to vibrate in a different way, and fall more in love with the world.

Deb tells me to think of the things you are grateful of when you are falling asleep.

Even if it’s as simple as: a hot mug of tea. Or that you now get to rest. Soon you’ll recognise the multitude of good things and everyday miracles which come your way.

Paris tells me you can’t grumble if you can count your blessings on two hands.

Em is a living example of how to *feel* and be in the moment.

When I begin to recognise things as blessings, and be grateful for them… I feel my world open in new ways.

When I concentrate only on the things which trouble me, my world becomes so infinitely small that I can barely fit in it.

I am grateful for..

living in a place of peace, where I am free to be as wild and womanly as I like

the multitude of friends I have and make…

So many beautiful souls who are willing to open their hearts and hands to mine.

Friendship is not always the easiest path to walk – it is filled with our own projections, insecurities and shape shifting; and yet it is one of the most divine connections we can make. Friendships hold us, cherish us, nourish us, help us to see ourselves as we truly are the opportunity of education and the choice to study when I like and how I like having my own house, filled with my own things, and people of my choice ~ my boy and my dog

Me. Journalling this. Creating my own joy.

Choosing joy. No matter how tempting the other options are.



Appreciation and gratitude are the highest forms of vibration. When you’re appreciating something, you’re offering a feeling and vibration of pure joy.

Think of a time when you expressed thanks for someone in your life; the feelings you experienced were complete elation. In other words, you had no doubt or resistance.

An appreciation and gratitude journal is a helpful daily tool. Purposely taking time to treasure every day means that you are intentionally offering strong, pure, positive vibrations.

You can take time to admire anything. It’s the feeling that’s attached to your appreciating that is important.

The Daily Guru