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“What else do you have to stake? Just your misery. The only pleasure you have is talking about it. Look at people talking about their misery, how happy they become! They pay for it; the go to psychoanalysts to talk about their misery – they pay for it! Somebody listens attentively, and they are very happy.

People talk about their misery again and again. They even exaggerate, they embellish it, they make it look bigger. They make it look bigger than life-size. Why? You have nothing but your misery at stake, but people cling to the known, to the familiar. The misery is all they have known; that is their life. Nothing to lose, but so afraid to lose it.

As I see it, happiness comes first, joy comes first. A celebrating attitude comes first. Enjoy! If you cannot enjoy your work, change. Dont wait! Because all the time that you are waiting, you are waiting for Godot and Godot is never going to come. One simply waits and wastes one’s life. For whom, for what are you waiting?”

Joy: The Happiness That Comes from Within

osho gives me the loving kick up the ass i need sometimes…