When I don’t know what else to do, I turn up here, to the page.

When I can’t see the next step I need to take, I turn up here, to the page.

When I don’t know what to create, I turn up here, to the page.

There’s always a story waiting to be unfolded.

Stories waiting to be shared.

Things always unravel here at the page.

What wants to be said today?

Just a few more days left here in this treehouse of ours before we pack our lives once more into the back of a truck, drive up the mountain and down the road to our new home… Paradise House. Our dream acreage. And the boxes will tumble out + sort themselves into that new collection of rooms we will call home.

And it’ll be our fourth home and fourth town in two years. But it will be home – a true home. Our place to settle. To nestle into for years to come. At last. At last.

We won’t have unpacked boxes. We won’t be waiting. All our possessions will find their home within our home.

It feels a little bit mystical, if I’m honest. Mystical in that – I can’t quite believe we won’t be waiting once we are there. That we’ll just be there. And that’s where our life will be for years to come.

I can’t quite believe I’ve moved so much in these last 2 years. I’m a stable, grounded homebody that thrives on deep roots. It’s just taken us a couple of stepping stone homes for us to find our true home.

Have I told you that we’re madly in love with Paradise’s House past owners, who built it? That there’s so many synchronicities + connections + similarities between us that we are all a bit blown away by it?

That she sends me messages on Facebook with photos of wallabies, saying

“The view this morning of your new front yard!”

I’m gobsmacked at just how good things can be.

I’ve always been a big seeker of the good and positive things in life…

But it’s moving into new levels lately.

It feels like as soon as we made the decision to move to Cairns (or to be more exact, Chris’ intuition told him we should be here, and I’m smart enough to follow his intuition), things have been EASY. They’ve just flowed. And every person that’s come to us along the way has been so good and kind to us.

We feel again and again that we are exactly in the right place at the right time.

In short, I feel like I’m falling in love with Cairns. It’s just so wildly lush + gobsmackingly beautiful. True healing for the eyes + soul.

So glad to be here. So very, very glad to be here.


There’s much brewing.

The upcoming retreats.

I’m feeling really excited about having women in our home. Doing some mega miracles + mindset shifting + business growing.

It’s so funny when I say those words, because they mean something, and they also mean this:

Doing the work you were born to do. Helping as many souls as you were born to help.

Letting go of scarcity mindsets.

Stepping into your biggest power, abundance + purpose.

Changing the world with our light + our power.


I’m just excited + blessed + grateful to be here.

To be doing this work.

To be an entrepreneur.

To be a mama.

To be in a relationship with a conscious man.

To be transforming so radically.

To be stepping into our selves + our souls even more, every single day.

To be creating the lives of our dreams together.

It takes courage, it takes healing, it takes action…

and it’s totally, completely worth it.

See you from the other side, lovebeams!