Looky looky what’s coming THIS WEEK!

(*drum roll please*)

The 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Workbook, Planner + Calendar LIFE Edition!


The 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year Workbook, Planner + Calendar BUSINESS Edition!

These wee bouncing twins are on their way to help you create an incredible life AND business in 2013.

The ever-popular LIFE edition has been revised + refreshed + gorgeously updated. It comes highly recommended by the thousands of women who’ve been using it every single year for the last three years to create huge miracles + changes in their lives.

And the BUSINESS edition is brand spankin’ new. It’s been requested a metric buttload over the years + we finally had the publication time to pull it off! It’s immensely powerful + includes many of the questions I use with private coaching clients to help them radically bloom their businesses.

Goddess Circle members will get BOTH workbooks FREE with their membership + they’ll also be the FIRST to receive them. Sign up now to be a member + receive over a thousand dollars of my Incredible Life programs on creativity, health, meditation + business to make your 2013 truly incredible!

I feel like a 40-week-pregnant-mama-of-twins… ready to explode with love.

Can’t wait to share them with you!


P.S. We’re already fielding tons of enquiries from gorgeous souls wanting to know if we are having affiliates for the 2013 workbooks. We absolutely are, and what’s more there are huge bonuses to be won!

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