Our books have made it across the US, into the hands of the wonderful team at RevGo mailing house, who have been a total dream to work with, and are going to have ALL backordered books shipped TODAY.

I can’t thank Aaron + Stacie our workbook liberators enough for going truly above and beyond to get these workbooks sent out to you before anyone else could (and in crazy weather conditions).


Thank you also to Grant from for going above and beyond for us. That man is solid gold. And to Erin, Joyce and Amber, our wonderful, compassionate, crazy-enthusiastic support angels who have been working around the clock to tend to all your emails.

These are the people who’ve turned a really terrible situation around. Amazing how much one bad mailing house can royally fuck so many things up. I get really teary when I think about how much my team of angels has been so devoted. They all believe in these workbooks and how much they can help women and they genuinely give a shit about trying to make things as good for you as possible.


It’s a tremendous relief to know (at last) these books are being sent out quickly and efficiently to you all without error.

We are going to be making the whole of January a workbook planning month, planning lots of free events for all our workbook users so we can all do our workbook planning together. And we’re also scheming up even more ways to make it up to you.

I’m so bloody sorry this workbook delivery period has not been joyful and easy for you all, our treasured workbook fans + devotees. This has sucked royally.

I’m really confident in saying that all the shitty holdups are behind us, and everything is firing on all cylinders.

A hundred million thank yous to the angels who have gone above and beyond for this workbook… and to you all for believing in it… knowing that it works… and wanting it so dearly in your own hands. It’s happening.

So much love, and puddles of gratitude,