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We haz a new Academy course, Creating a Website with WordPress!!!!!!

This is the first of many tech courses to come, to help you actually IMPLEMENT + DO marketing for your business online without losing your tech shit.

Grant is the magical creator behind this one, and he is sage + funny + gentle + good at explaining stuff without making you:

  1. Want to poke yourself in the eye repeatedly with a cucumber from boredom.
  2. Feel like a tech-inept fool.

And you know… just get you to do the thing you need to do so you can get back to doing the things you love!

Here’s what he says about the course:

Finally, a course for the rest of us. The focus of this course is results – get started, get finished.

The reason we are offering this course is simple.

The WordPress platform offers users at all levels of ability a stable, secure, and featured publishing tool.

Want to expand, sure, WordPress can handle that. Need help, absolutely, there are thousands of VA’s, developers and designers who can support you on WordPress. Want access to great tools, drag-and-drop themes, and the top choices for e-commerce and bloggers all over the world, yep, WordPress is a great choice.

But before you assume something so powerful must be difficult, check out this course.

In under an hour, I will navigate you through installing, configuring, and building pages. Take a look at Divi, currently one of the top drag-and-drop themes and learn how to install and configure free WordPress plugins.

If you’ve been holding back, stop. Get started and get finished, with Creating a Website with WordPress.

“Grant’s walk-thru of WordPress is uber simple! I had a very difficult time with WordPress by myself. This course helped me figure it out!” ~ Becky


“Thanks Grant for turning something that I had given up on into something that I can be proud of. If you’re like me and you were afraid of WordPress and had given up on ever being able to use it, let Grant help you. It won’t take long and you’ll be amazed at what we can teach you.” ~ Laura


“Grant is my Website SuperHero… Leonie needs to paint you with a cape. Mr. Grant! This was the piece that was standing in my way – it was the way you explained/conceptualized how things fit together and showed the “design” pieces… and I could stop and do, stop and do. This really opens up the floodgates…THANK YOU!!!!”” ~ Sandra

Grant will be running Open Tech Hours during the month of October for everyone in the Academy to make sure everyone gets up + running with the WordPress course (and any other tech stuff they need to do in their business to get it booming!)

Sign up today to get this course, the incredible support you need + the rest of the 60+ biz + life courses!

To your thriving + shining!

Big love,

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