standard operating procedures release

Howdy goddesses!

We’ve got a brand spankin’ new Academy course for you!

In this one – How To Create Standard Operating Procedures, we’re talking alllllllll about getting your ducks in a row, putting on your big girl panties and making your business run like a BIG business.

Standard Operating Procedures are your business’ growth miracle maker. Trust me.

While they are hard work to start, this should be an ESSENTIAL part of your business.

Standard Operating Procedures help you:

  • Spend less time working
  • Create a better quality product and service for your customers
  • Hire + train new staff far more quickly + produce better results faster
  • Supercharge your business for growth by making it scaleable!

The How To Create Standard Operating Procedures course takes you through:

  • What Standard Operating Procedures are
  • Why you need them (badly) in your business
  • How to create + maintain them
  • Behind the scenes look into Leonie Dawson International Standard Operating Procedures manual
  • Step-by-step technical tutorial on creating your own SOP using Google Sites Wiki

Whatcha waiting for? Start now!

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To your thriving + shining!

Big love,



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