I am DEEEEELIGHTED to announce my company has just made its 400th loan to entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva. Well… our 403rd… I made 6 loans at a time so we shot over the goal. Makes me gloriously happy though… to get to 400 loans was one of my Shining Year goals for this year! We’re still ranked in the top 1% of lenders worldwide and have been since 2014 which I’m so bloody proud of!!!


We also have an amazing Kiva team made up of our wonderful tribe (aka you lot!)… and together we’ve lent over $60,000 (!!!!!!) You’re most welcome to join us if you like… it really is an amazing way to do philanthropy!!!!


It costs only $25 to make a loan… AND it DOES get paid back to you (!!!!!!!)… so why in the heck wouldn’t you do it?


May our actions align with our intentions… aka may we put our money where our mouth is and be the change we wanna see in the world!


P.S. When I went to upload these photos, they were sitting beside this AMAZING t-shirt design I made.

I told my team I wanted to make more illustrations of boobs, and they requested a t-shirt.

Ever the humble servant to dreams, I made it happen licketysplit.

I feel like this is potentially some of my best work yet: