Hey precious human, I’ve been thinking about you during these blooming wild, challenging times. Wondering how I can help. I know you can sometimes struggle with productivity, and getting distracted by a hundred and million things in life… and finding yourself stuck on endless loop scrolling social media and making MORE SNACKS for the ravenous children and forgetting what on earth you were meant to be doing. What was I supposed to be doing again? So I wanted to make you a quick cheatsheet. I know you’re busy so it will only take you a couple of minutes to read. It’s the 10 productivity hacks I’ve used to generate $10m in 10 hours a week. 10…10…10…. faaaark I love it when things line up! And it sounds simple, but I promise you… it’s blooming POWERFUL and it works. If you go read it today, and do the 10 things (or even just ONE to start off with!) you WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Just head here to grab it… it’s completely free… my gift to you. You have big and miraculous things to share with the world. We need you and your gifts. Big love,