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1.) Get marker. Write on one’s own palm “Hello Beautiful.”

Draw a smiley face underneath. It will make you smile throughout the day.

Whenever you’re feeling down, open one’s hand and look at it.

2.) Invite silliness and fun into your life. Get marker. Get pens. Get pretty paper. Write pretty invitation.

Dear Silliness & Fun,

I hereby invite you into my life.

I ask you to pounce on me in mundane moments,

To keep me alive and giggling and making fart noises on vinyl lounges.

I invite you to dwell beside me, be my lover, my friend, and accomplice.



3.) Take oneself on photo adventure. Go for a walk. Take photos of the little things that appeal to you. Giggle at the stray dog which wonders on your path. Ask him to smile and pose as you take photo. Journal it, or blog it, or keep your photos all to yourself. Write with it the things in the day that made you joyful, that were beautiful, that surprised you, that amazed you.

4.) Read some nourishing books. I highly recommend SARK and also Sarah ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.” If you can’t find them, ask us. All you have to do is ASK.

5.) As per the “Simple Abundance” book … Get a journal. And scribble in it every day and say five things you are grateful for. Five things. Begin. Do. Now.

6.) Subscribe to nourishing emails. Start with Notes from the Universe. You will feel LOVED.

7.) Wear sequins and fairy wings to pay bills, house clean, or laugh raucously.

8.) Take ownership of your own happiness. It’s yours, and joy is always an option.