Hola my darling hearts,

We were in the backyard this afternoon

when a sweet lady called over our backyard gate.

She’s the courier lady, and when we didn’t answer our doorbell,

she figured we might be out in the backyard

(can you tell we live in a country town?)

She delivered big brown boxes of books.

And I’d just downloaded a new iPhone photo app – Hipstamatic (ze ultimate hipster vintage camera app). It’s annoying & slow, but it has its adorable qualities too.

So we decided to do a book photo shoot. Which rapidly became life + love shoot.

Which makes my heart happy.

I don’t think I share enough adorable photos of life + love on this blog, do I?

Consider el problemo resolved!

So I totally artfully splayed them in front of my buddha head (that’s my new spiral labyrinth behind it that I made).

Then Ostara plopped herself down by the head with my mobile phone, picked up a book, and cheerfully chirped on my phone.

“Hello? Helloooo? Hellloooooo! Awhahahahahahaaaaa! Hellloooooo!”

And then I managed to get all artsy in front of our miniature sunflowers.

Sunflowers & marigolds are my favourite flowers in ze world. They are just so ding dang happy you know?

And herein is where I get distracted:

This photo makes me swoon.

I love how my husband is around dogs & children.

Seriously gentle.

That’s Anel in his lap swooning in devotion at him.

In other news, I’m super proud of this creation… I collected concrete slabs & rocks from under our cottage & strewn in our garden (it’s amazing what you find in an old garden!) and made a rock spiral labyrinth. It was so easy, and it made my biceps super buff. Win win!!! Yay!

And another project we’ve been working on: a raised garden bed.


I think it’s something to do with all the rainbow starburst baby legs glow, but I’m really in love with this photo.


I don’t think there’s been enough of my love on ze blog. Sometimes he likes to be all private & stuff. I won’t tell if you don’t tell. Him being here can be our little secret.

Because like SERIOUSLY. Look at that man’s baby blues.

He’s got everything in them. The whole world. I could gush for hours.

And my second favourite male in all the world… Charlie Puppy. My darling gem & healer doggy.

He’s very very happy here in tropical paradise.

He spends most of his days following me around, being forced to sit in Ostara’s lap & eating avocados & pawpaws off the trees in our backyard.

And in booky wooky related news:

Aussie books 

I have a few spare copies from the order that I can send out to other Australians.

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In other news:

This is the avocado tree.

That Charlie loves so dearly.

Have I told you lately how utterly incredible my owl baby daughter is?

She really is.

She spends her days guffawing, speaking in sing song, telling jokes in Ostara-speak, hanging out in my lap, peering at the world through incredible blue stardust eyes.

And that’s all.

That was our afternoon in the garden.

I read somewhere tonight that

you’ll never regret living a life that fits you – the one that you really like – even when it isn’t the one that’s expected of you.

And I thought:

Wow. Yes.

Having been through what felt like a tropical downpour of wild, rocky, frantic living… we are finding again the groove that works for us:

a gentle, soft, peaceful life.

Lived beneath the trees, gardening, making art, writing books. We are modern, soulful hermits. And that’s totally perfect & beautiful. There’s no other way we can possibly be.

love, and so much gratitude,