Hi my treasures,

Have been collecting these goodies for you as I fossicked the internet beach, looking for glimmers of sea glass and curling shells.

Inspirational, funny + deep.

Here’s my haul for you.

As always, I suggest drinking this with a cup of tea. Preferably chai or Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer. Give yourself time for this post, swim in it, drink it, immerse within it.

Let it be a place of joy, peace + reflection for you.

Or you know, speed through it and jump to the next thing. It’s up to you dearest. It’s all good either way.

Just make your choice consciously.

It’s all good, ya know?

Without further ado… some lovely treasures for you…

  • I’ve never been much into Glee, but I’m so into love it’s not funny. Lea Michele’s song about Cory Monteith made me well up. Made me think about how someone can love you with all their being, but if you don’t love you there’s still a hole. And I wish people knew it can be filled, that you can survive and thrive and hope and be happy in your own skin.
  • I love everything that AskMoxie writes. Parenting Truths is no exception.
  • I’m so sad to hear Princess Kate is once again enduring the pure hell that is hyperemesis gravidarum. This article made me well up. I wish with all my heart that I didn’t know personally just how horrific HG is. I wish it didn’t exist. But I’m glad I can be that much more understanding + compassionate to women sisters who are enduring HG (or any chronic illness).
  • Great article on career advice by Austin Kleon.
  • This is an important article about loving the home (and everything else) that you have. I’ve been thinking about this lately. We’ve been thinking about doing a full bathroom remodel because it is a little bit late 80s gold-fabulous. But I then think… would I prefer to spend $20k on making this 2014ish? Or do I want to donate $20k to charity and save some lives? And the answer for me is the former. So we’re gonna do that instead, and I’ll do a basic renovate DIY-style on the stuff that needs it.
  • Want to know my favourite ever Facebook page… the one I think you would really, really adore? Humans of New York. If you don’t know of it yet… you really need to.
  • My darling friend Jenny sent me these magic-inducing wall vinyls. ADORE!
  • Found this Blogcademy module useful about dealing with online negativity. As I’ve become more well known online, I made this strange leap into not being a real, live person to some people. I guess in a way, it’s like if you think about Miley Cyrus. All you are seeing is a projection of her, and a boatload of judgment… not who she truly is. I’ve been horrified, heart-broken + deeply saddened by stuff I’ve seen written about me. I guess I’m quite naive in a way – I thought that people spoke the truth. But then I saw outright, hilariously, bafflingly untrue things about me and realised some people live in a really different world of negativity, drama and cynicism.
    So how to deal with it? Basically… I stay true to the many, many women I do serve. I give up my ego of needing everyone to like me (that was a really hard one). I help the women who are ready to step up and do the work. I speak my truth unwaveringly because that is the path to spirit and healing for me. And I pray for all who are suffering, lost, in pain or are causing pain.
    (As an FYI, I know when we’re talking about drama, we immediately want to seek it all out and read it all and get involved. My suggestion would be not to get involved. Stay true to your mission, your world. Don’t get distracted by the crap. There is so much light in the world. Birth your beautiful dream into the world instead.)
  • My Naked Truth – beautiful.

And a panoply of gorgeous, brilliant, inspiring videos!

How good was that, yeah?


This world is filled with so many amazing people. So many creative gifts. Such beautiful wisdom. Such humour + heart.

With love, blessings + sea-spirit-air,


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