i send you this
with a
tear stained face
feet that have been urged into the earth
hands that have been stretched up towards the stars and crone moon

i am healed and grieving and lost and found all at once.

this is life, all of it, even the bits that feel unpretty
the bits that are in pain and i want to run away from them.

i think:
if i just sit with it, it will be okay. so i do.

sitting, healing, silliness, crying, pain writing, laughing uproarously, deepening,
joy at the glory of the earth. mama gaia is always there for me to be held on.

i’m not sure what’s going on right now,
and that’s okay.
i am living in the GREAT mystery of it all.

i don’t need to be DOING my spirit work.
i am LIVING it.

each moment is momentous.