** I’m currently away on holidays ~ these posts are coming to you via the blog post fairy. I will be returning emails & fulfilling all orders when I return the week of 8 October. **

a little while ago, i photographed my beautiful sister maryanne & her dearheart boy brad. going through these photos yesterday, i got captivated by it. there are so many things that are technically a little bit off with this picture… colouring, focus, composition… and yet, to me, it is enchanting. to me it speaks of young love, of dreaminess, of a simple kind of kindness that soaks through your skin. it’s a moment in time, a blessing, of spirit in two graceful bodies lying in the grass. it is like witnessing a ballet – a moment in motion. it is the blurry softness of the moment a bird takes wings into the sky. it is love and gentleness as art, as an image.

i’m away at the moment, photographing my brother brett wed his love sharne… sending you these posts across the time. i hope in that wedding i can photograph what i see here… a little bit of love, a little bit of magic, a little bit of enchantment, a little bit of miracles on earth.