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Hola possums,

We’re back with my irregular “good shit I found around the web” round-up.

Some ranty-panty links first up:

And for something a lil bit lighter:

Up at the crack o' dawn as usual to write. Looked at my desk and it made me smile. Wanted to show it to you. I light the incense every morning because it smells like God and smelling God makes me feel cozy and brave at the same time. This is my favorite feeling combo. Big Magic is close for reasons that will become clear to you when it's released and we talk about it everyday. (@elizabeth_gilbert_writer makes me feel cozy and brave too. For example: she insists we create boldly but calls us honey head while she is getting our asses in gear. I like that. I like pet names when I'm being motivated because I am actually five years old. I just need a little tenderness with my motivation. Plus – what is better than women holding hands while they march onward together??? Nothing, honey heads, that's what's better. The mandala coloring book is how I calm down. Learned it in the mental hospital twenty years ago and works every time. The troll is to remind myself not to be afraid of internet trolls. They're not evil or terrifying- they're just having a bad day because it's hard being so small and having such challenging hair. Sweet, smushy, teeny trolls. Life is hard, I understand. Carry on, my loves. It's a new day and we decide how it goes. G

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