Hola gorgeous goddesses!

I thought I’d start a new little series… One where I ask my mama goddess questions, and learn from you beautiful hearts. Once upon a time when we lived in tribes and villages, womens wisdom was shared everyday from generation to generation and mama to mama. Let’s bring it back! Hopefully this will become a storehouse of wisdom for any goddesses who need it in the future.

So! Today’s mama goddess question:

How do you heal mastitis?
And how do you support your body while on antibiotics?

Since Lil Mermaid was born, I’ve always had an over-abundant supply of milk. Which is wonderful (yay galactagogue herbs and raspberry leaf tea!) but it also means occasional engorgement, blocked ducts and now the biggun: mastitis.

(Please note you don’t have to have oversupply to get mastitis.)

What is mastitis?

Also, I’m totally aware that to anyone who hasn’t breastfed, this all sounds like: unicorn tree wackadoodle whatever. That’s what I translated working-boob talk to when I was still a fair maiden!

So I will try and explain stuff without acronyms and with simplicity. Simple = good.

Simply, mastitis is an infection of your boob tissue.

How do you know when you’ve got it?
You see a red rash over part of your boob.
Your boob gets engorged with milk and lumpy.
You can get cold and flu symptoms.
It starts getting super ouchies.

Me and mastitis

I’ve had blocked ducts a few times now, but I’ve always managed to clear them. I consult Susun Weed’s Herbal Healing for the Childbearing Year. I grate up raw potato and place it over the lumps. I drink echinacea tincture to keep infection at bay. I have hot showers and baths and massage massage massage. I get Starry to feed as much as possible. And they’ve always cleared.

This time it felt different though. I couldn’t find the place that started the blockage. And I just had a feeling it was the start of mastitis. I used all my usual tricks, and where usually I’m happy to leave it for a few days to clear up, I knew I needed to go see ze doctor for this one.

And here’s where divine timing came in:
I told Mr Hottie at 5pm on a Sunday that I needed to see the doctor the next day. I called the doctor’s office, and they had one for me that day – in half hour. Perfect! So we jumped in the car, drove over, and the cute old doctor promptly diagnosed mastitis and prescribed antibiotics. By the time we got out, it was ten minutes to six. There was one chemist this side of the city still open – but only until six. The doctor’s receptionist called to let them know we were coming. We dashed over and got there just as they closed all doors but one. I got my antibiotics and we headed home. It was Starry’s bedtime, and she began to cry, but I sang my bestest rendition of Eency Weency Spider, and the cries stopped. The whole way, my head was atwirl with Thank you great spirit. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for perfect timing. Thank you for the magical powers of Eency Weency Spider. Thank you, thank you. It felt entirely filled with grace and care.

So now I’m on antibiotics. I’m not in pain, thank great spirit!
But what I do want to continue doing is helping my boozwas heal, and also support my body while taking antibiotics. Echinacea, green smoothies, hot baths and OMG REST. Can you please keep reminding me to rest? Resting is not one of my superpowers… It’s one I keep learning over and over.

Your turn for sharesies…

So tell me dearest heart…
How do you heal mastitis?
And how do you support your body while on antibiotics?
Let me know in the comments!

big big love you!