Possum blossoms,

There’s a new live run of Marketing Without Social Media launching, and for the next few hours you can SAVE big on enrolment!

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Everything you need to know:

  • We start March 1st 8am Pacific Time!
  • There will be two live calls and YES, they will be recorded! (You can find the times here)
  • You’ll have access to the course for at LEAST 12 months.
  • If you already have this course, you get automatic access to this live run!
  • And! If you would like to re-lock your course so it opens the same time as everyone else, just email support @ leoniedawson . com (without the spaces)

I quit social media at the start of 2021, and I wasn’t quiet about it!

It’s been one of the best decisions I have EVER made for my biz. Srsly.

So if you’re feeling burnt out from social media and want to kick it to the curb or want to use social media in a more meaningful way this course is for you!

This workshop is your guide to help you forge a profitable, productive and peaceful path for your business.

One which will take you to exciting new levels of growth and profit in your biz… All without the need for social media.

And with a snazzy early bird discount ending VERY soon, what are you waiting for?

I’m so excited to go on this brain-healing, creativity-inducing & savvy biz growth adventure with you!

Big love,

P.S. Once the timer hits zero the early bird pricing will finish for good! Don’t miss out!

Time left to save a whopping US$20: