Had a groovy day today

me and Yankee boy Adam went into the city

and met some friends for lunch at ze mexican place

Left to right is:

Nate, a very sweet Virgo boy from work

Ben, a totally groovy cartoon artist, animator, feature artist of the week and all round noice dude!


My gorgeous friend Deb, a beautiful dudette from work and soul sister


ze yankee boy Adam who’s been such a brilliant guest.

Adam is with us for one more day before he heads back to his Yankee base in Japan…

it feels like too short a time

we’ve been penpals since we were thirteen, and kept in contact this whole time.

since he got off the plane

it’s been a joy

i’ll definitely miss him, in a funny way.

we’ve only known each other for four days but it’s been all comfortable together and really good and surreal and interesting and an experience.

Time left until Academy prices double: