Two years ago we took these photos, on a roadtrip with our womenfolk.
She was lithe with dark curls, a dreaming maiden from Brazil.
Yesterday, standing in the hallway of our town’s apothecary and bookstore, I hear a “meow” behind me. It is her pet~calling for me.

She is blooming into mamahood now, lifting her black and white cheques to reveal her round belly. Her love is here, and she is moving to our quiet suburb laden with mountains. She is still dreaming, birthing herself into Mother.

Looking through these old photographs today made me smile ~
of who we once were, and who we will be.
And of the photographs that will be in the future…
of a belly that grows even bigger with another soul,
of love unfolding,
of a family growing,
of a medicine woman learning,
of a woman’s journey.

Life. Pretty much the best thing ever.