had wonderful tasty dinner tonight

of indian lamb curry

reminded me of sonia’s 17th birthday

the amazing middle eastern banquet

with 20 of the most diverse 17 year olds

that night me and sonia danced in the rain

goddessas in the backyard

it was beautiful


Update… 9.55 pm Monday night

Talking to Dan again

and he laughs at this post

tells me it reminds him too

of those weird teenage days

How we sat on top of the mountain

near Sonia’s place

and talked and watched a storm come over

I had forgotten but now I remember

Holy crap

and now I remember…

the next morning of the party

was my 18th birthday

Tash made me wake her up early

and we walked to the top of the morning

She couldn’t remember why she had woken me

So we walked and walked for hours

Until I told her what is was she had forgotten

To “celebrate” my legality I bought her a packet of smokes

Even though I hated them

I spent my 18th birthday night in school dormitories

One week later I graduated from school

Schoolies, and then my 18th b’day party ensued

All fun, all crazy, all youth-ridden