it is late afternoon. i am reorganising my studio, my altar. my hand comes to rest on my handmade talisman of the egyptian goddess maat. out, out, out into the lush backyard. the talisman wants to be in the grass. i begin photographing it, faint streaks of light streaming from the sun, shadows of grass. then the streaks of light are g.o.n.e.

i wonder where the light has gone.

i stand. maat talisman in hand, wind whistling around me. and i see the sun, a great golden globe, slipping down behind the mountain. slipping-slipping-moment-by-moment. if i squint, i can see it move gently onwards on its journey.
and then it is gone. all that remains is twilight.

moments of spectacular grace as my patch of earth farewells the sun for another day.

i believe i just experienced a miracle.