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i see a photo of a bird, and it makes my heart happy.

as we walked to work, i reached into a tree to gather smooth green nuts with sweet cupping hats. paris told me it was an acorn. i had never known an acorn before.

i gathered a leaf. paris wasn’t sure what it was, but i held it. in the lifts i turned to a workmate, getting him to touch the smooth acorns. he told me the leaf was from a pin oak tree, and that they were common in cities as they were resistant to pollution. in autumn, they will turn a vivid red.

it is so damn nice to know this. to have botany lessons in the morning. to name and love these beautiful things that line my street. i’ve been making everyone touch the acorns all day. i keep being reminded of jeff pitcher’s article about recognising trees and logos. i want to know more trees and less logos.

i talk to my lover in the park, by the gandhi statue, by the serpent goddess statue, in the forest under the trees. and i feel our spirits shine through, and we speak gently. we walk side by side, his presence by my shoulder, his spirit knowing mine.

i eat tofu laksa with him and adam and dave in the city tonight. it’s good just to laugh and talk, and drink bubble tea for the very first time.