Hola party people!

Each year I share some of my big goals + dreams for the year from my own 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbook + planner.

It’s May and I still haven’t shared ’em. I got a bit embroiled in creative birthing to get my biggest goals launched – my new website and the new Amazing Biz and Life Academy.

And now they are both out in the world, it’s the perfect time to share with you what some of my 2013 goals are… and also check back in to see where I’m at with them!

I’ve been noticing a heap of gorgeous goddesses over on Instagram lately doing an instinctive, organic review of the goals they wrote in their 2013 planners, it’s pretty amazing to see how many of their goals have already come true.

I’ve included business, body, family, love, adventures + friendship goals into this mix.

So here we goes party peeps… what my goals are and where I’m at with them!



  • Take the historic train up the mountain with Chris and Mermaid Daughter #1
  • Visit the Daintree
  • Go on flight at coffee plantation
  • Go to Yungaburra
  • Go bowling
  • Go to Yungaburra markets
  • Go to Mareeba markets
  • Go on holiday by myself
  • Have a beach holiday


  • See dolphins again
  • Have 2 1 friends visit on holidays (1 down! My bestie visited!)
  • Make friends and have fun!
  • Make 3 good new friends
  • 3 months holidays (I’ve taken a couple of weeks of holidays already, not sure if I need or want to do longer month ones though – I am getting so much better at filling my well on a daily/weekly basis now!)
  • Feel connected with dear old friends
  • Have amazing, inspiring entrepreneur soul sisters to uplift me
  • Find my women’s circle
  • For me, Chris and Mermaid Daughter #1 to have a wonderful network of friends and community here


  • Try out extra playgroup
  • Get pregnant (obv, this is a new goal ;))
  • Name our place
  • Grow a garden
  • Eat own passionfruit
  • Grow a pumpkin or watermelon patch (got watermelon seeds to propagate to about two inches… and then my hunky love mowed over them. Ha! Next summer I’ll be coming at the watermelon patch like a spider monkey!)
  • Research Sacred Sabbath (read this book, it rocked. Tried a couple of others, they didn’t give me the jollies. Will keep researching!)
  • Cultivate a morning routine
  • Make a firepit
  • Write 12 letters to Mermaid Daughter #1
  • Send 52 14 cards (done a fair whack of them already WOOT)
  • Have a connected, loving, intimate soulmate and best friend relationship with Chris (status update: dude, I have not loved him more than I do right now. And I know that will keep on growing. It really does just get better and better!)
  • Make at least 12 fun crafts with Mermaid Daughter #1 (already done, but will keep doing!)
  • Be a happy mom with a great, loving relationship with Mermaid Daughter #1 (and new wee baby soul that’s wanting to come through!)
  • Go to a concert with Chris
  • Feng Shui our bedroom
  • Eat own bananas
  • Read books to Mermaid Daughter #1 every day
  • Buy Mermaid Daughter #1 real scissors
  • Make at least 12 things with Mermaid Daughter #1
  • Organise getting our keyboard sent
  • Have 52 Friday Date Nights
  • December: 2013 Instagram album
  • December: Have a glorious Christmas season
  • December: Make another advent calendar + do it!


  • Make a doll
  • Do a painting workshop
  • Make Angel + Charlie dog toys
  • 52 Artist’s dates
  • Find music I am deeply excited about
  • Make beautiful art that sings to my soul
  • Write a novel
  • Re-release “73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know”
  • November: Do Art Every Day Month
  • Repair hole in wedding shawl
  • Find a magazine I love to read
  • Make my office a sanctuary
  • Love writing again
  • Feel like I’m a divine channel to Spirit again
  • Feel creatively inspired, invigorated and productive
  • Embrace pop music
  • Make a felted journal
  • Find a TV show to obsess over (Doc Martin)
  • Adore creating


  • Get yearly dental
  • Take care of my body, nervous system and soul as a first priority
  • Summer: Try aqua aerobics
  • Weekly yoga or pilates
  • Get osteopathy for my jaw
  • Get 12 massages
  • Get skin check-up


  • Feel centred and aligned with my soul in every area of my life
  • Keep learning from deep, sage, wise and spiritual teachers
  • Be spiritually inspired and invigorated
  • Have a spiritual experience (circle, retreat etc)
  • Find my women’s circle
  • Keep doing fortnightly healing mentoring
  • Deepen my spiritual journey
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get a year reading


  • Institute monthly financial reporting (I’m doing it already, but want more structure around it)
  • Half yearly financial review
  • Put $x into savings
  • See a financial advisor
  • Continue learning about money, finances + investment


  • Get iPhone screen fixed
  • Get air-conditioning in office
  • Rainbow chandelier
  • Outdoor lounge for back verandah
  • New washer/dryer
  • Get screen doors installed
  • Get air-conditioning in hall


  • Double business in size to 7 figures a year
  • Release Amazing Biz and Life Academy
  • Rebrand website
  • Have a planning retreat
  • New Academy membership site
  • Create new programs for Academy
  • Create intensive Six Figure Business program for Academy
  • Make a massive difference in the lives and businesses of 30 000 clients this year
  • Continue to spend 25% of time in education
  • Continue to make a massive impact through philanthropy through money + service donations


What a list!

Feeling massively inspired after re-reading all that!

I really want to invite you to check back in with your own workbook goals (and if you haven’t done them yet – it’s totally not too late at all. It’s only too late if you don’t do them at all! We get lovelies investing in the workbook every single week!)

And if you decide to do a blog post/Instagram photo/Twitter about what goals of yours are coming true… make sure you let me know about it on FB, Twitter or Instagram and I’ll repost them so everyone else can get inspired too!

Let’s go make miracles happen dearest!!!

So much love always,